Patient-doctor relation

Relations between doctors and their patients have undergone significant transformation over the course of many centuries. Their character used to be paternal once. From communication methods (doctors used the Latin language) to the patient’s role in the treatment process, the advantage of a doctor over a patient was enormous.

Robert Koch noticed in 1882 that a therapy does not yield expected results if the patient does not follow the doctor’s recommendations. Foundations of the compliance concept (i.e. following the doctor’s recommendations) have been established by the scientists of McMaster University Medical Centre in 1970. Among other things, they pointed out that non-compliance with the doctor’s recommendations is costly both for the patient and for the healthcare system. They also noted that the non-compliance is the most significant factor that hampers the treatment of chronic diseases.

Dr Google

The advent of the Internet has revolutionised all areas of human life, including the area of health. The Internet is influencing the patient’s behaviour more and more. ‘Dr Google’ has become a common phrase. The Internet turned into a place where disease symptoms are diagnosed and information is obtained. It became a large platform for the free exchange of opinions regarding illnesses and their treatment. Never in history has the patient gained so easy access to medical content and ‘self-diagnosis.’

Role of the Internet in the health world

Thanks to analyses aided by the SWOPER Analytics® statistical and analytical platform, it has been observed that the motivation of a patient for the search of medical content increases along with the severity of symptoms of a disease.

In view of the increasing Internet access and the development of civilisation diseases, the number of people who use the Internet to make a ‘self-diagnosis’ and to decide which treatment method to take is growing year by year. Patients use the Internet to participate in treatment in a conscious manner.

At the same time, although the web positively contributes to health education, it can also have a negative impact. The Internet is a medium where one may find a lot of unreliable information. It is not without a reason that it is believed by some to be a ‘junk medium.’

As the patient-doctor relation is changing and the Internet is gaining more importance in the course of treatment, manufacturers of drugs are faced with a necessity to change their approach towards contemporary forms of promotion of medicinal products, drugs and therapy.

The online path of a patient

It was only a few years ago that in order to become a customer of a company by purchasing its products or services, a patient had to visit a doctor. After the diagnosis had been made, the doctor prescribed or recommended an appropriate therapy and the patient purchased drugs in a pharmacy. The patient’s path was very simple: A SYMPTOM OF A DISEASE - A VISIT TO A DOCTOR - A PURCHASE IN A PHARMACY. The patient was able to find out about the effectiveness of drugs only after their application.

This process looks entirely different today. Due to the increased availability of the Internet, a consumer who is a potential patient is no longer passive and fully dependent on a doctor’s verdict. Today he or she can search for information and answers to health-related questions and see how the Internet community evaluates drugs or confirms a diagnosis.



Among the underlying principles of marketing (APIC) is the necessity to identify current situation, examine the availability of online content and then to plan further action.

Anyone who does pharmaceutical marketing should note that a person who seeks for information on the Internet is a potential patient and customer. The principal goal is therefore to provide Internet users with reliable information by publishing it in strategic locations.

You just need to be constantly present on the ‘online path’ of a patient.

The Internet and patient behaviour are the key areas of concern of Pharmamarketing, the new era of pharmaceutical marketing.

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Online content research

Online content research is crucial to the development of a marketing strategy and specifically to the development of a Content Marketing strategy. Any further planning of online activities is strictly dependent on the type of content that is published and on its reliability and validity.

The Content Research should be conditioned by the motivation to answer four underlying questions:

  • What opinions are expressed on the Internet?
  • Where specifically are such opinions expressed?
  • What is the content an Internet user finds when looking for relevant information?
  • Where does an Internet user head when looking for information?

In order for these questions to be answered, a precisely defined, specific analysis of opinion should be carried out and online content should be examined.
We are the only company in Poland who can perform such analysis. We develop it with the help of the innovative SWOPER Analytics®, a platform that is dedicated to the medical and pharmaceutical industry. Our focus is on the subject of health.

SWOPER Analytics

SWOPER Analytics® is a proprietary IT statistics platform which has been introduced in the Polish market by the 2Pharma company in 2013. Its development was possible thanks to the EU funds obtained from the 8.1 Innovative Economy Operational Programme. The innovative properties of the platform allowed for the development of unique marketing services which are related to the analysis and monitoring of opinions of consumers in online forums and which constitute one of three key pillars of Content Marketing.

Our offer includes:

  • Basic marketing analysis;
  • In-depth marketing analysis;
  • Monitoring.

Basic marketing analysis

Basic analysis of online content, the purpose of which is to examine opinions that have been expressed in online discussion forums and to find ways of reaching out for specific content.

Opinions in forums are usually expressed in a spontaneous manner and thus they are the perfect source of examples of product/service perception. Our innovative tool allows us to reach out for any opinion that has been posted on an Polish-speaking forum. This makes us an undisputed leader and the only supplier of such a comprehensive and reliable service in Poland. is the only proprietary and innovative tool for searching online medical threads on discussion forums that is available in Poland. As it enables us to reach out for any Polish-speaking forum, we can find any opinion on any product or service. Basic information which can be obtained by the use of the search engine is free of charge. Thanks to the SWOPER-Analytics® platform, we can also provide our customers with in-depth content analysis carried out by our qualified analysts and biostatisticians.

Analyses which are related to content and effective search only are based on the knowledge of algorithms for positioning websites in the Google search engine. We can also ensure the analysis of the traffic of patients online as part of the service. We are able to trace the ‘path’ of a typical Internet user, who is looking for answers to questions that trouble his or her mind, by defining particular phrases. The analysis results are especially useful to marketing experts who plan to launch content campaigns. The analysis allows for the specification of hot spots which should be considered as strategic locations for publishing specific content.


The Internet is a living organism that generates hundreds of information items and thousands of opinions and comments every day. The application of real-time or periodic monitoring is therefore a necessity. Online content is published not only by us as part of Content Management. It is also posted by our competition. Internet users as well publish their content and comments online every day. The constant monitoring of the Internet, specifically including the monitoring of online discussion forums, enables you to keep abreast of the latest information and to react if necessary (crisis situations, a wave of criticism, inavailability of a product etc.).

Our Internet monitoring service includes the delivery of opinions in forums (alert) or analysed opinions that are provided to you in the form of a report (monitoring).

Moreover, the above mentioned solutions may be complemented by the function of an e-spokesman. The task of this role is to actively participate in forum discussions in precisely defined situations and to provide answers to questions of the participants in a manner that does not interrupt the flow of comments in a thread.

Our offer

If you would like to find about the full range of 2Pharma services concerning Content Research, please visit the following website:




Content marketing is a state-of-the-art tool

for online communication process

Reading texts online today can be actually interpreted as browsing and scanning of content. It no longer has much to do with traditional reading. What matters today is not the stylistics or aesthetics of written language; the primary function of a text is its usefulness.

Content-oriented online marketing is based on the three following pillars:

  • Searching – Google plays a key role in this area;
  • Websites (portals, vortals, company and product websites), blogs;
  • Social networks (open discussion forums).
infographic - Content Marketing

It is not without reason that our category of social networks excludes Facebook, Twitter etc. These portals can be accessed by logging in only, which means that a ‘typical Internet user’ cannot enter them immediately. Apart from this, posts published by Facebook users or Twitterers are not indexed by search engines.

One may differentiate two key drivers of contemporary Content Marketing:

  • Useful content;
  • Provision of the availability of the content.

Zero Moment of Truth

Zero Moment Of Truth (ZMOT) is a Google term used to describe the shopping process that is common in the contemporary world. It assumes that a consumer searches or consults information on the Internet at every stage of his or her decision-making process. By doing so, the consumer becomes an active partner in the discussion with a doctor and takes the basic role of a buyer in a pharmacy.

Stimulus | Symptom

First moment of truth

Second moment of truth

Web Users recommendations

Physician | Pharmacy


Source of recommendation

Adapted from:

The development of useful and accessible online content may allow you to win the favour of an Internet user and influence his or her decision-making process.

Content Marketing is not only about producing and publishing content online; most of all, it is the art of fulfilling the customer’s needs. It is for this reason that our copywriters, web writers and PR experts and cooperating doctors, experts and opinion-formers participate in our process of content production.

Our support services

We would like to offer you the development and implementation of a detailed content management plan as part of proposed cooperation. Among other things, the plan includes:

  • definition of goals;
  • definition of needs and model types of customer behaviour;
  • development of a detailed plan for the production and management of content;
  • identification of strategic online locations for the content, which is based on online research and websites audits;
  • planning and management of cooperation with websites;
  • preparation and implementation of the content of articles, posts, comments and its adaptation to the rules of web writing;
  • management of activity in social networks.

Furthermore, we can also provide you with the following services, which are rendered as part of the management of content that has already been published online:

  • review of websites for the usefulness of their content and principles of web writing;
  • review of content for its inclusion of keywords and online positioning;
  • development of a plan to increase the findability of content in search engines.

Educating Patients

According to the Megapanel PBI survey carried out by the Gemius company, the Internet is the most popular source of information on health (88%). Doctors and pharmacists are the second most popular source (73%). The number of Internet users who search for medical content online has increased from 80% in 2008 to 93% in 2012. As the ever-increasing availability of the Internet is now also driven by the development of mobile devices, it is quite likely that soon every patient who chooses self-treatment will use the services of ‘Dr Google.’

This growing trend of using the Internet for the obtainment of health-related information cannot be ignored in the modern course of treatment. It is therefore of utmost importance that valuable medical information is identified and used to reach appropriate health-related decisions. We promote the basic principles of evidence-based medicine (EBM) in cooperation with academic institutions. We also provide support in developing educational programmes which are targeted at specific groups of patients, the purpose of which is to ensure better cooperation between a patient and a doctor. We emphasise how important the role of ‘Dr Google’ as a primary care physician currently is.




Our consulting services are aimed at customers who approach pharmaceutical marketing in a traditional manner and who would like to incorporate online activity into their marketing mix. Designed and carried out in cooperation with 2Pharma experts, marketing campaigns that include high-quality medical content are a perfect supplement to content-related promotional activity. We can support you in configuring the online and offline activity so as to obtain the effect of synergy at every stage of the APIC abbreviation. Another advantage which results from choosing us as your cooperation partner is that we can help you improve the promotion of your products and services by assigning a team of representatives. The competent use of analyses of individual opinions of patients allows for the betterment of communication between representatives and doctors and pharmacists. Thanks to results achieved by the use of the SWOPER Analytics® platform, our customers are able to modify their strategy for a doctor’s and a pharmacist’s visit effectively. We can help you solve the most complicated marketing problems in the times when more and more patients are using the services of ‘Dr Google.’ We have gained experience through years of running online campaigns – now we can share it with you.




Are you familiar with Pharmamarketing?

The purpose of 2Pharma’s activity is to build detailed and structured knowledge on the functioning of Pharmamarketing and on the application of its principles. We provide our customers with training and workshops on pharmaceutical marketing which are tailored to their expectations and abilities.

The primary focus of our offer is on combining online marketing and offline marketing (traditional marketing used by most of pharmaceutical companies).

Content Marketing is one of today’s most effective methods for building the audience and gaining allies online. This provides an explanation why we give this subject so much attention. Having said that, we want to prepare our customers to act effectively not only online but also in any areas of marketing activity.

Training, workshops, individual meetings...

We would like to invite you to meet us and present us with your expectations. It would be our pleasure to prepare a customised training offer that is suited to your needs and abilities.


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